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       Some of our recent builds. All of our knives come with our hand built heavy leather sheaths built at the same time as the knife to match perfectly. At COCAJO you truly are purchasing a complete package.

A throw back from a knife we custom built in 2017, this smaller design almost cannot be improved upon. The Miller River upland knife has enough grip for 3 fingers which allows extreme detailed control over the razor sharp blade. .095 D-2 steel, mirror polished with a fine point for dressing pheasants and quail. It has black linen micarta scales and 8 detailed nickel silver pins. The sheath with this one was requested plain, but would look very nice with detailed tooling. 2021 price including tax 290.00. 

Our custom built Colorado River field knife. Built from D-2 .155" acid etched steel with an exposed hardened pommel and lanyard. Natural canvas micarta scalloped scales. 10" overall with a 4 5/8" cutting edge. It fits the "field knife" category, but it is really one of the most practical edc survival knives we have ever built. 2021 price for a similar build, 450.00.

Our Escanaba River II. Our original Escanaba field knife was so popular that we went back to the design board and refined the profile to make it even more usable. That's how this knife is built, to be used. Mirror polished D-2 steel, 9.475" overall, 4.450" cutting edge, canvas micarta scales with three lanyard holes. This is our very best design for an all purpose field knife, hunting, camping, edc… Our list price in February 2020 is $370.00 including as always our heavy leather sheath, your choice of the design.

A dressed up version of our Heavy River field knife. This is what some customers call knife bling. Mirror polished D2 steel, camel bone bolsters, walnut burl scales, nickel silver pins and black G10 liners with a faux alligator inlaid sheath. All of these extras add to the price, but this is undisputedly a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations. The 2021 price for this piece begins at 400.00 and is based on your choice of materials and their availability. 

Our custom Carter River field knife. D2 mirror polished steel, willow leaf blade design, black paper micarta bolsters, honey horn scales with nickel silver liners and pins. In addition a tooled and heavily hand stitched sheath.

The Han River bushcraft knife. Designed and built specifically for camp chores from chopping tent stakes to food prep. The ergonomics of the curved handle have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. D2 acid washed steel with green canvas micarta scales and 4 stainless steel grommet holes. 2021 price for the Han River is 340.00.

Currently our most popular field knife, the Heavy River. Designed for a good friend in northern Illinois, this one has osage orange scales and brass pins with a heavy leather tooled sheath. Our trademark heavy leather sheath comes standard with every blade we build.

Our second Waccamaw River belt knife. Maroon micarta scales, chestnut bolsters, brass liners and pins and a more refined sheath. A classic Canadian design that works well in the field and really grabs attention around the lodge.

Our Tiffin River Gambler boot/belt knife. Mirror polished D2 steel, chestnut scales, buffalo horn bolsters, brass pins and heavy brass liners. At 8.32" overall, this is a classically designed boot knife, but with the benefit of thicker brass liners. Brass, being a more dense material than steel allows us to get more weight in a smaller knife package giving the blade a "presence" in the hand, even in dark situations. A very classy EDC choice for today's world.

Our Waccamaw River Belt knife based on the classic Canadian bush belt knife. D2 steel, ironwood bolsters, black paper micarta scales, brass pins and white liners.

COCAJO Fox River field knife. Based on our popular larger Embrass River bowie, this one is totally a customer collaboration and much more compact. D2 acid etched distressed steel and personalized ACU micarta scales made from the soldier's own uniform.

COCAJO's Nessmuk camp knife. D2 steel with a forced patina finish, snake wood scales with brass pins and the traditional "Nessmuk" profile

Our newest design in the area of horizontal belt knives, the Arrow Creek rodeo knife. D2 acid etched steel, brass pins and our own blaze orange canvas micarta. This was designed as an edc knife to be carried around central Illinois. No doubt will be a repeat build.

A small version of our "Nessmuk" camp knife. D2 steel, acid forced patina with desert ironwood scales and brass pins. Mr. Nessmuk / George Sears would be proud to see his design for the perfect camp knife stand the test of time. This design is my personal favorite for the campsite. 

Our newest version of the Escanaba River hunter with acid etched distressed D-2 steel and python micarta scales.  

Our Escanaba River with grooved canvas micarta scales and acid etched finish with built-in ferro rod.

This is the newest adddition to our military/TEOTWAWKI line, our Embrass River Bowie. It is built from D2 blade steel, has stainless steel rivets and grommet hole which will easily accept para cord thereby extending the grip for chopping. The blade is designed with Kopis geometry meaning it has a gentle recurve which will intentionally drag and cut when drawn across a soft medium. The sheath is handbuilt from 9-10oz leather, double saddle stitched with a built-in Norton stone and ferro rod with matching handle micarta.

Knife specifications:

.1875" blade thickness

Overall length 11.25"

Blade depth at belly, 1.1935"

Total combined weight with sheath, 2.2 lbs American.

Price for a similar piece, $480.00

This bowie was sold before it was finished as is the next Embrass River Bowie, build time as of JAN. 2017 is 8-12 weeks.

A slightly different version of our Escanaba River Skinner with D2 steel, paper ivory micarta bolsters, stabilized walnut scales and nickel silver rivets.

This is our bushcraft version of our Escanaba River skinner with a distressed acid finish on D-2 steel, OD green canvas micarta scales and lanyard hole. The sheath is built from 9-10 oz. Heavy leather with stainless steel solid core rivets at stress points then submerged in neatsfoot oil for durability and finally sealed with a weather resistant finish. A similar knife lists for $350.00.

Another version of our "upland" knife quite capable of the occasional squirrel or rabbit, even a steak or pork chop. Overall length is 7.25" with a blade of 3.5"

A survival version of our Mackinaw Hunter with burlap scales and triple retention sheath. This is another customer collaboration project from the shape of the distressed blade right down to the shade of burlap in the scales.

A totally custom COCAJO. Our customer literally chose every aspect of this knife and sheath right down to the brass pins and faux alligator inlay.

Here at COCAJO we have built our reputation on building truly custom knives. Some customers spend hours designing their custom knife of a lifetime and we make every effort to build it exactly to their specifications.

Here a willow leaf version of the COCAJO upland game knife, this one with Beachwood scales and basket weave tooling on the sheath. A similar knife as pictured lists for $180.00.

Our largest bowie to date. With every run of a new knife style or blade material one of the tests we run is the slicing and dicing of 10 feet of manila rope. This bowie easily sliced through a couple of hundred cuts of rope and several large pieces of heavy sheath leather and then still sliced through white computer paper with ease. A similar knife complete with sheath lists for $550.00.

This is one of our most popular knives. It is a version of our Mackinaw Hunter in a drop point style with sage burlap resin scales, acid etched steel, and distressed finish. As always it comes paired with our heavy leather sheath. As with most of our knives, the blade finish, scales, and sheath can all be modified or changed when your order is placed.

Shown is our "Elk River Skinner" model with hand tooled sheath. This model is my personal favorite and everyday carry knife during hunting season for everything from whitetails to Canadian geese. It is based on a Remington model from years past with improvements of a slightly longer blade and upgraded handle. The handle is ivory paper micarta, which mimics authentic ivory, above stabilized walnut and finished with red scale liners. Other scale materials are available, just call and discuss your preferences. A similar model knife build starts at $400.00.